Download Chorki App For Android Free 2021

Download Chorki App For Android Free 2021


Download Chorki App Free for Android. Chorki is a Entertainment related Platform. CHORKI is the ultimate entertainment destination for Bangla language audience around the world. Huge Bangla and foreign content including Original Movies, Web Series, Short Fiction & Entertainment Shows are available on the Chorki video streaming platform. Watch exciting Chorki originals, Bangla dubbed foreign content, Classic Bangla television fictions and much more.

Content Features

One Original Film Every Month
The audience will get one new original movie every month around the year. Your regular dose of visual entertainment is here.

Exciting Original Web Series

Thrilling, rom-com, trending Bangla original web series with top star-cast and made by talented directors.

Original Bangla Short Fiction

Short fiction from talented directors and actors.

Trending Bangla Movies

Hot new releases from theatres are here. Chorki is like your own personal movie theatre.

Bangla Dubbed Foreign Movies

Now you can enjoy super-hit international movies in your own language. All big international movies are available in Bangla. Movies are dubbed by Bengali stars.

Bangla Dubbed Foreign Series

Intriguing foreign language series are available in Bangla. Watch international contents in your own language.

Classic Bangla Movies and TV Fiction

The impact of classic movies and Bangla TV content can never be underestimated. Handpicked and curated Bangla classic movies and tele classics of the golden age are available all in one place.

Platform Features

Multi-Device Capability
Watch your favourite content, anywhere, anytime- on Andriod, ios mobile, laptop or Smart TV. Chorki is casting enabled and is available on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and on the web (

High definition video

Enjoy HD movies, series, shorts, and hundreds of other exciting video content.

Offline Video Download

You can download video content on your mobile device and watch anytime, anywhere.

Smooth Video Streaming

Enjoy your time with bufferless video contents. All videos play without any lag and will adjust resolution according to your data speed.

Subscription Plans

Easy-to-avail subscription plans are available on Users can subscribe for half-yearly or yearly plans to watch premium Chorki content. Pay-per-view for individual contents and free contents are also available.

Is Chorki Subscription Free?

Answer: No. You have to subscribe their plan like Monthly, Half Yearly and Yearly. 

Can I Download Chorki App Video for Offline?

Answer: Yes, you can. Chorki app offer you to download video for offline view after subscribe their plan.

Can I watch Chorki App Video for Free?

Answer: Yes, you can see some of free movies, tv-series, drama, video song etc. But you have to subscribe their plan for watch Premium Videos. 

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