Makeup Brings Out The Beauty of The Mind

Makeup Brings Out The Beauty of The Mind: Katrina Kaif


Among those who work in Bollywood with beauty, Katrina Kaif is the one whose name will come up at the very beginning. It has been two years since her beauty brand ‘K by Katrina’. Katrina thinks everyone is as beautiful as she is. Her makeup products only make that beauty clear. Let us know some of the secrets of Katrina’s beauty.

Makeup Brings Out The Beauty of The Mind

  1. Katrina dipped her face in the icy water. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes. Katrina puts ice on her face first, even if it swells somewhere.
  2. Katrina took hot water therapy before applying heavy makeup. It is better to put makeup on the face..
  3. After waking up, Katrina drank four glasses of water first.
  4. Katrina draws eyebrows with a light shade eyebrow pencil. He clarified the shape of it. And then scratched with a brush.
  5. Apply eye shadow stick on the eyes. He also applied eye shadow under the eyes. He likes highlighter very much. It comes with a ‘sunken’ look. Gently highlight the top of the two jaws with lipstick.
  6. Take a 10 minute nap after heavy makeup and before going out.

Katrina Kaif said of her makeup, ‘From the beginning I wanted to understand the makeup thing. I have always been interested in celebrating the beauty of my own skin while keeping it safe. When a person becomes like himself, he looks the most beautiful. When one is happy with one’s skin, then the inner beauty comes out. And when the makeup adapts nicely to the skin, then the makeup becomes a part of that skin. And that brings out the inner beauty. The beauty of the mind is the big thing. Makeup just brings it out. ‘Katrina Kaif

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