10 Best Website for Online Courses 2021

10 Best Website for Online Courses 2022

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Over time, online courses are gaining popularity. The biggest advantage of online courses is that if you don’t understand you can see as many times as you want. You will also be able to take an online course at a much lower cost than conventional coaching centers. Besides, you don’t have to spend extra time and money to go for coaching to do online courses. Currently, Web Design, Outsourcing, Graphics Design, App Development, HTML, Python, JavaScript, C Programming, Business Development, Digital Marketing Courses as well as all types of academic courses are available online. Today we will talk about 10 Best Website for Online Courses 2021.

There are many sites or organizations that offer free online courses. However, on the paid courses you will get more features after purchase courses such as Support, Update Classes, etc. Dear reader, today’s article will talk about the top 10 sites to do online courses. And with a few online courses platforms where courses can be done in Bengali. From there you can do your skill development by doing different courses.

Top 10 International Online Course Platforms

There are thousands of sites for online courses in English. With more competitors, they have no choice but to offer the best service or course to hold the position. You will get almost all types of courses on all these education or learning sites.

1. Alison – Best Free Online Courses

Allison is one of the most popular learning platforms in the world. If you want you can learn all kinds of courses for free. They are offering completely free courses in dozens of subjects including Technology, Language, Science, Human and Physical Health, Business, Mathematics, Fashion, Design, Personal skills, etc. In my opinion, Alison is a free platform sorted for students of all classes. But you can also enjoy the premiere feature. If you subscribe to Premier Version, some features that you will not get any ads,  including free CV Builder. For this, you have to pay $ 6.99 per month (Price may Change). They also give certificates at the end of the course. For Digital Certificates, Printed and Framed Certificates, you have to pay 21, 27, and 37 respectively. Alison’s certificate is internationally recognized and accepted.

2. Udemy – Best Budget Learning Course

Many of us are familiar with Udemy. Udemy has gained a good reputation for its various lectures and courses on a low budget. Most of the tutors are freelancers, lecturers, and teachers of different schools and colleges. They offer various types of offers and special discounts at different times of the year and on special occasions. Tech, Business, Personal Skill Development, etc. courses are available on their website. For a complete course at a low price then you can do the course from Udemy.

3. Khan Academy – For Teachers and Students

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that has been working for several years to spread free education around the world. It offers free courses for both teachers and students. You can learn almost everything from kindergarten to college-level courses for free here. It is a free platform for learning various subjects including Math, Grammar, Science, History with AP exams for free. Proud partners of this popular learning site include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Ann and John Dyer, and Reed Hastings.

4. edX – Free Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, & more

This platform is mainly targeted at university students. They have lectures or courses on all subjects of different departments of the university. Most of the teachers of these courses are from Harvard, University of Chicago, Georgetown, Dartmouth, and other reputed universities. The average number of daily students of EDX is around 5 or 6 lakh.

5. Skill Share – Online Classes by Skillshare

Skill Share Much like Udemy, they mainly offer software development, design, lifestyle, business, content writing, data science, leadership, marketing, various programming language courses, web development courses, etc. There are more than 33,000 courses and new courses are being added every day. Initially, there is a 14-day free trial opportunity and later you have to subscribe to the premium plan.

6. BOHUBRIHI – Best Bangla Online Courses in Bangladesh

If you want to do complete skill development on any subject, especially if you are looking for a course in Bengali, you can take a course from Bahubrihi. There are opportunities to do various skill development courses from YouTube to Digital Marketing, Data Science and Analysis, Software Development. Bahubrihi’s media partners include The Daily Star, Samakal, IDLC, and many other well-known organizations.

7. REPTO – Bangla Education Center

Repto likes Udemy’s Bangladeshi learning site. There are numerous skill development courses like Video Editing, Digital Marketing, AutoCAD to 3D, Web Development, Software Development, etc are available. You can develop your personal skills by enrolling in the course of your choice at an affordable price.

8. eShikhon – Certified Freelancing Training and IT Courses

Those who are looking for a good site for BCS or job preparation can visit it. There are also offer WordPress, Graphic Design, Affiliate Marketing, and other courses including their courses.

9. 10 Minute School

Bangladesh’s popular motivational speaker, young entrepreneur Ayman Sadiq and under Robi’s auspices of development this site was created. The site offers a variety of academic courses and free courses for personal skill development. Almost all classes from first-class to twelfth class, lectures on all subjects of the university are available. And new content is being added regularly.

10. Teacher window (Teachers Batayan) – Government Free Online Courses in Bangladesh

This learning platform has been developed under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in the Government of Bangladesh. There are lectures on all subjects of primary and secondary. Teachers from different schools and colleges basically upload their lectures in PDF and video format and students can watch their Video Lectures for free from there.

So I’m finishing here like today. I will talk about something new about a new topic. Share this article with your friends or on your own timeline. Stay well, stay healthy, keep learning.

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