5 Best Places in Bandarban To Visit in One Day

5 Best Places in Bandarban To Visit in One Day


People who are thirsty for money go out for a walk as soon as they have time. Today We will discuss about 5 Best Places in Bandarban. With two days in hand, the two eyes go wherever they go. And Bandarban is a very familiar name to them. Because nature is sitting in this Bandarban with its unique appearance. Although not much can be seen in this hilly area in a short time, you can still walk around this eye-catching city in 2 days. There are many buses from Dhaka to Bandarban. Hanif, St. Martin, Shyamli. Besides, it is possible to go to Bandarban city by train and bus. Let’s not know the details of 5 amazing places of Bandarban to visit in one day. If you have time, you can visit The Kingdom of Clouds Vajek Valley.

5 Best Places in Bandarban of Bangladesh

Let’s take a look at 5 amazing places in Bandarban like Ramjadi Mandir or Ram Mandir, Meghla Park, Prantik Lake, National Park, and Nilachal Blue Zone.

How to Go 5 Best Places in Bandarban?

If you travel to Bandarban by bus at night, you will reach by 8 am the next day. Bus ticket AC 950 Taka or non-AC 750 Taka. If you don’t want to go at night, you can go during the day. However, the night journey is comfortable. The hotel can be booked in advance. Even if no one has fixed it, if you go there, you will get the hotel as much as possible. The rent will be 500 to 3000 depending on the time.

Many places can be visited on the day you go to Bandarban in the morning. Fresh at the hotel and have breakfast. Then go out to see the city.

There are some beautiful places around the city. 1 day is enough to see them. And he can hire Mahendra for that. Mahindra is a little bigger than CNG. 5-6 people can sit. However, anyone can take CNG if they want. The rent falls the same. Bargain before you go. If the rent is a bit high, reduce it by bargaining.

5 Best Places in Bandarban to Visit in One Day

(1) Ramjadi Mandir or Ram Mandir

No one can enter if they are wearing shorts. Must be wearing lungi or flower pants. However, anyone can rent a lungi from there. Rent 20 Taka. And the entrance fee to the temple is 15 Taka. (Swarnajadi or Golden Temple is another beautiful place. But you are not allowed to go there now.)

(2) Meghla Park

A park 4 km away from the city. Its main attractions are hanging bridges and cable cars. 40 Taka for entry, and 50 Taka for the cable car. Some beautiful moments there can enhance the beauty of your album.

(3) Prantik Lake

A quiet lake a little away from the city. Bluewater is closely associated with amazing nature. It will cost 50 rupees to enter. However, you should take clothes with you when you go. Because you can take a bath if you want.

(4) National Park

Nothing much special there. There are some animals in the jungle. If you don’t want too much, even if you don’t enter.

(5) Nilachal

nilachol in bandarban

This place is strangely beautiful. Before the sun sets, the sky gives two colors. At the top white, blue at the bottom. That is why its name is Nilachal. This place looks better in rainy or winter. However, at the time of sunset, its true form comes out. So try to spend the evening there. You can stay the night if you want. The rent of the cottage will be 3000 rupees. 50 rupees ticket to enter.

To visit these 5 places, you may have to pay 1200-1600 Taka. However, the off-season will take less. You can come back that night if you want. Or you can leave the next day to travel to another place.

I found out which are the 5 best places in Bandarban to visit in one day. Now use the closing day properly without wasting any more time.

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