Special Beige Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Special Beige Makeup Tips for Oily Skin


Applying foundation, concealer, powder, blush, etc. are the ever-familiar steps of makeup. But if some tips and tricks can be followed in these steps, but also oily skin, special beige makeup will be good and will not melt. So in today’s article, I will tell you about the Special Beige Makeup Tips for Oily Skin. So, let’s not exaggerate.

Special Beige Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

1. Skin Care

It is not possible to explain how important Skin Care is when it comes to makeup. Whatever your skin type, Skin Care is a must. Skin Care is not just before applying makeup, the skin will always be good and the makeup will look beautiful. Suppose if you put a layer of makeup on an uneven surface, then that layer of makeup will also sit unevenly. So there is no pair of Skin Care to keep the skin beautiful, smooth, and oil-free.

2. Primer

Many of us skip the primer. I think it is not so necessary to plant! The fact is that planting it is the most important thing. The primer creates a smooth surface on our skin, helping to make makeup last longer. For those whose skin is oily, they must buy mattifying primer. By doing this, the skin will be oil-free and the makeup will not melt or be damaged.

3. Pick the Right Formula

Your skin is oily, but if you buy and use a moisturizing, dewy finish foundation, it won’t suit you, the reverse face will be much more oily, the beige won’t last long! So it is very important to choose the right formula product for yourself.

Those who have oily skin must buy makeup products made or matting for oily skin. In the case of foundation, buy liquid matte or powder foundation which will give full coverage. The less product you use, the more natural it will look, and the makeup will not melt or be ruined. But for those with oily skin, I would say buy another thing. That is blotting paper. I will come to that later.

4. Choosing a Good Quality Product

Since you are investing in makeup, I would say it would be wise to buy and use a good quality product. By good quality products I am not talking about high-end or expensive products, there are many good quality products in drug stores. You can get an idea about it as soon as you have access to the internet or you can read user reviews. My own oily skin. I myself have at one time tried to use the opposite product and suffered for my own mistakes. I attach great importance to buying good quality makeup products to get a full coverage base.

5. Use of Excess Powder

Many people think that since I have oily skin, if I use a lot of powder, my skin will be oil-free and my makeup will be good! As a result of using a lot of powder, makeup doesn’t look flawless anymore, but powder and cake. So use as much powder as you need.

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